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Choosing Your Mortgage Lender and Conveyancing Solicitor

In a competitive market the wise buyer will have their mortgage agreement in principle at the ready before offering on properties, but who to choose? The natural option is to book an appointment at your own bank or building society, or perhaps to pay a broker to explore the market further, but you might also be offered direction from your estate agent. Should you accept it?

While your estate agency themselves will not to in a position to offer financial advice, many will work in partnership with someone who does. Our choice is London and Country, one of the biggest brokers in the country, chosen not least because of their wide panel of over eighty lenders. Additionally they take commission from the lender, not the customer, so their advice is free, and available over the phone at your convenience. As one of the largest brokers in the country they are also frequently able to offer exclusive special rate deals with High Street banks which won’t be on offer in-branch. They also offer our clients over £1000 worth of insurance against purchase fall-through for specific circumstances. This is a service we offer as a benefit to our clients, but is no way compulsory and never affects your priority when viewing or offering on properties.

Conveyancing solicitors can more of a mystery with buyers and sellers and again, your agent is likely to be linked to a conveyancing team of their own and can provide a quote. It’s always worth speaking to a number of firms both local and online (and be aware your lender might require you to use a firm on their own ‘panel’) to compare pricing and see who appeals to you, and the offer of conveyancing quotes are a benefit, not an obligation. The specific benefit of using your agent’s team, however, is communication. During the course of your sale or purchase there are likely to be many queries and exchanges of information and experience tells us your agent’s own team are considerably more likely to respond and keep open the lines of mutual communication than will the traditional solicitor. However, as in all instances, the choice is entirely yours!

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