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Fishy Tales

If you are not familiar with the area around Ludlows’ wonderful River Teme, why not give yourself a few hours out to explore this wonderful part of Ludlow? We’ll also let you know where you can get the best hot chocolate in town!

We’ve had a fascinating time down at the Teme River weir in Ludlow over the past few weeks.

The last time I was down there, I watched the Atlantic salmon struggling manfully to get upstream to spawn after they became trapped, owing to low water levels. It was heart breaking to witness. According to the Environment Agency the fish need to work their way 31 miles north of Ludlow to spawn, but were struggling to leap upstream in the River Teme. Apparently some weighed as much as 30lbs and carried 10,000 eggs. A spokesman for the Environment Agency said, “If they don’t get upstream of here, they won’t lay their eggs and if they can’t lay their eggs that’s the future progeny of this river gone”.

The next I heard, the heroes from the EV were down at the river literally helping the fish to get over the weir!

For such a wet county, this seems to be a regular occurrence, but let’s hope the recent torrential rain will have rectified a bit of a natural disaster.

For those of you who don’t know the area around Ludlow’s fantastic river Teme, give yourself a day out in any weather and explore this fascinating and beautiful place. I cannot tell you how many hours I have stood inert watching the Teme weir in total fascination and explored the walks and paths (including our famous Bread Walk) around the river. My favourite times are the height of autumn or a really cold frosty day, brought to an end by the best hot chocolate in town at the Millennium Green café, located right on the river.

Rai Fisher, Ludlow

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