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From Blossom Trails to Battlefields

The pretty market town of Evesham is situated in the heart of the famous horticultural Vale of Evesham amidst some of the most idyllic villages and prettiest countryside in England. It is steeped in history and central to its growth and development was a building that had it survived it would have been bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral!...

The pretty market town of Evesham lies on the River Avon and is situated in heart of the famous horticultural Vale of Evesham which is renowned for market gardening.

In spring there are stunning displays of blossom from the orchards of plum and apple trees. The well-known Blossom Trail, established in 1983, is now a 45 mile AA signposted route through some of the most idyllic villages in the area and offers some of the prettiest countryside in England. 

Central to the development and growth of the town was the Abbey which was founded by Saint Egwin, 3rd Bishop of Worcester, in the 8th century and was one of the largest in Europe. As a result of Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries the abbey was dismantled leaving only Abbot Lichfield's Bell Tower remaining. Had the Abbey survived, its size would have been greater than that of St. Paul's Cathedral. 

The Almonry, a 14th century building, once the home of the Abbey's Almoner and houses a wealth of information and artefacts. 

Evesham was the site of a major battle—the Battle of Evesham. It was one of the most bloody battles in England's history and took place between the forces of Prince Edward (later Edward I) and Simon de Montfort (earl of Leicester), following months of bitter wrangling over the control of the king, the enforcement of the Magna Carta and the barons rights under law. Simon's forces were outnumbered and he died on the battlefield. 

The Obelisk monument was erected in 1845 by Edward Rudge. It does not mark the site of the battle. Its location, and that of the Leicester Tower, was determined by the landscaping considerations of the parkland laid out around Abbey Manor House in the 19th century. 

Starting from the Abbey Park in the centre of the town it is possibly to walk around the battleground.

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