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Getting the Most Out of Your Viewing

A note before you book your viewing, work out exactly what you want in your new home. Set your criteria on what can’t live without and what you are prepared to compromise on. Don’t view any property that doesn’t have a feature, or can’t be adapted to provide something, that it is an absolute “must have”.

How do you make the most out of your viewing and what preparation can you do beforehand?

1.  Don’t arrange to view too many properties on one day. They’ll all start blurring into one by the end of a long day!
2.  Book your viewing, if possible, in daylight hours. This allows you to view the exterior of the property and look at the garden.
3.  Familiarise yourself with the agent’s brochure. Study the floorplan and photographs.
4.  Make notes and take photographs. (Please always ask the permission of the vendor prior to taking photographs.) Some additional images can be helpful to view at your leisure.
5.  If you’re not familiar with the area have a look around. If you’re short of time online maps and street view can be useful.
6.  If you plan to live alone take along a neutral friend who can give an unbiased opinion. If the property is a joint purchase we advise taking along a friend or relative to a second viewing. Any emotionally detached thoughts and ideas can be invaluable.
7.  Walk around the exterior of the property and look at the walls and roof. If you do spot faults this shouldn’t necessarily put you off buying but the property may need to undergo a survey.
8.  Ask the agent! A good high street agent will know the area and be knowledgeable when it comes to public transport, road and rail links and other local amenities. They will also be able to ask the vendor any specific questions relating to the property on your behalf.
9.  Ask the vendor! They are going to know more about the property than anyone else. Which way does the garden face? How old is the boiler? When was it last serviced? What are the running costs? Your conveyancing solicitor will ask extensive questions should you embark on buying the property but prior knowledge could influence whether you choose to offer and at what level.
10. Don’t let your heart rule your head! We know it can be hard not to get too attached too early!

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