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You’ve cleaned, decorated, decluttered and repaired. Now it’s all about maximising your house’s appeal so potential purchasers can imagine themselves living there.

Would be buyers talk about knowing the house is right for them during the first few minutes after they step inside.

“People buying a home in the last year typically spent just 33 minutes looking around the property before making what is likely to be one of the most expensive purchase decisions of their lives, according to a survey (Aviva).” (The Telegraph)

So what makes us decide that a house gives us the feeling that it is the place we want to call home? The art of home staging may hold some of the answers. 

Home Staging companies advise their clients on de-personalising their properties and styling it in such a way that it offers maximum lifestyle appeal to would be purchasers. Such companies have been popular in America for some years but are a relatively new concept in this country. 

However, with excellent high street home ware companies and help from interior magazines and the internet you can pick up some good ideas on how to showcase your home. So with some savvy buys, and creativity it is possible to help your property stand out and even add value to your home. 

1.  Set a realistic budget – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

2.  Ensure that your home flows and the journey from room to room is not hindered by large pieces of furniture. 

3.  Think Space – don’t overcrowd rooms with too much furniture but be sure to identify areas. Whatever the room is make sure that the furnishings tell you that at a glance. 

4.  An easy way to update a home is to add pools of colour with new accessories like cushions, rugs and lampshades. 

5.  Good lighting is essential. Think of making a statement in the hallway with a ceiling pendant, lamps in the living room to add warmth and down lighters in kitchens and bathrooms. 

6.  Mirrors can create the illusion of extra space. Placed at right angles to a window they’ll also reflect additional light into a room. 

7.  Blinds, rather than curtains, especially on smaller windows create a sleeker profile and more contemporary look. Avoid bulky curtains on small windows. 

8.  Comfort is nearly always about soft furnishings. Dress beds in such a way that people feel they’ve come home! If updating an existing sofa is not in the budget try adding a throw in a complementary colour. 

9.  Storage space can be a key selling point. If you home is light on storage think what you could do to provide additional room.

10. The finishing touches – photographs, ornaments, flowers etc. Interior designers recommend grouping items in 3s and 5s for the best effect. Faux flowers work well, and overall cost less, especially when mixed with real foliage from the garden. 

11. Appeal to the senses. Ask an honest friend if your home smells, especially if you’re a pet owner. Does it feel cosy? If a viewing’s taking place on a winter’s evening turn the heating on or light the fire. The smell of ground coffee and home baking may be a bit of a cliché and time prohibitive but an oven proof dish with water and a few drops of vanilla essence on a low oven is a great alternative!

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