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How to Choose Your Next Home

There are some aspects of any prospective new home that cannot be altered.  We’re told location is the number one consideration, it is, but what else may affect your decision?

1.  Location, location, location!  

Top of the list and what we’re all told is the most important consideration!  This has to be 100% right for you. Think through how long it is going to take to get to anywhere that’s important to you – work, school, train station etc.  Do you want any other local amenities such as a leisure centre, shops, pub, gym etc?    If you’re seeing this as a long-term place to live remember priorities change as life evolves.

2. Position

After the location the position of the property within your chosen area is the next key element to get right.  Is it on a busy road?  Are you used to traffic noise?  Is it too isolated?  Is there parking?

3. Daylight

You can’t easily alter the natural light a house enjoys.  View any property you’re proposing to purchase at different times of the day and look at how the light falls in the rooms.  Bear in mind that some interior décor, such as dark wood and heavy curtains, may make the home feel darker than it is.

4. View

The view from your home is set to remain for a long time – unless local authority searches show changes are in the pipeline.  If you long to look over open countryside don’t compromise on it. 

5. Garden

Now viewed as an additional room of the house it’s an important feature of a home.  You can make it more attractive with landscaping and planting but you can’t change its overall size, shape or aspect.  South-facing is normally a gardener’s first choice.  However, think about the time of day you may want to use the garden – east facing gardens will get morning sunlight and west facing afternoon and evening.

6. Estate Agent

Build a relationship with your estate agent.  Make sure you’re on their mailing lists and that they know exactly the type of property you’re looking for.  However good a computer is at matching your requirements to a property nothing beats personally knowing a prospective buyer.   Many houses are now sold before they get onto the property portals for just this reason.  

7. The Neighbours

They don’t have to be your new best friends but it is important to get on with them.  Ask the vendor or, if you’re feeling bolder, knock their doors and say you’re thinking of buying next door!

8. The One

Most prospective vendors know if a house they’re viewing is “The One”.  People talk about getting the “right feeling” the moment they walk into a property.  Trust your instincts!


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