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How to Get Your Home Ready for Selling

Before you put your house on the market – it’s all about preparation, preparation, preparation! Here are, what we believe, the most important things to address when getting your home ready for selling.

1. Think Kerb Appeal 
 First impressions count! Tidy the garden, cut back overhanging greenery, sweep the path and doorstep. Wipe down or paint the front door, polish the door furniture and have the windows cleaned. If you have flower pots or window boxes make sure their occupants are looking their best. Can you rehome wheelie bins? Would any paving benefit from jet washing? Make the journey to the entrance of your home as pleasant as possible. 

2. Neutralise 
 If you have particularly vibrant wall colours you could consider neutralising your décor by repainting in calming pale shades. Pastel colours give a greater elusion of space - buyers equate space with value.  Try to give your potential buyers a blank canvas so they can envisage their things in your home. 

3. Declutter 
 Definition Clutter: “A collection of things lying about in an untidy state”. If you do have a lot of family pictures and object d’art select a few choice bits and pieces but pack the rest away. You want to strike the balance between a neat and tidy house but also a true home. By depersonalising a little you will allow would be purchasers to see your home as their home. 

4. Clean 
 Vacuum, scrub, wash, dust and polish like your life depended on it! Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. If necessary shampoo the carpets and clean the windows. When it comes to selling your home it cannot be too clean.

5. Repair 
 Fix small repairs – the tap that drips, the light bulb that needs replacing, the door that sticks etc.        

6. The Garden 
 Finally, don’t forget the garden.  Keep the lawn cut, tidy the borders and cut back greenery.  If it’s a place you can sit out in add a table and chairs to show just that.  Think of it as another room of your home. 

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