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How to Pack and Move House

It can be one of the most stressful experiences but with careful planning and organisation you can help your Removal Day run smoothly.


Pick your Moving Date

Decide on your moving date, usually the completion date.

TOP TIP: Avoid Fridays and Bank Holidays when removal companies and the roads are busier. Off peak is preferable.


Find a Removal Company

Don’t underestimate how tiring moving house is. Unless you have very few items that need moving it’s essential to employ a firm to do it for you.

Ask friends and family if they can recommend a local firm or your estate agent may know of a reputable firm in the area.

If not you can contact:

British Association of Removers (BAR) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS) will be able to supply names of local approved members.

Ask for estimates and compare exactly what they do and don’t include. For instance are packing materials included? Is VAT included?

Ensure your possessions are insured and are there any exclusions? For example will they insure goods that you have packed yourself? Does the company offer insurance should you need to alter the removal date due to unforeseen circumstances?

If you are planning to transport valuable items yourself, jewellery for example, will your household content insurance cover it?

Most companies will send out someone to gauge the size of your move. They will also want to know about access to your new property, are parking and unloading going to be restricted in any way?

Are there gates that may restrict a large vehicle entering?

Do you want them to pack for you? Or do you want them to part pack or do it all yourself?

They’ll be able to wrap larger pictures or mirrors for you and have sheeting to prevent highly polished furniture from scratching. It is doubtful you will own anything that they haven’t had to move before!

Point out any items that you think may be difficult to get out of the house. Pianos may need a specialised company. Don’t forget the outside of your property. Are there garden ornaments? Is there a workshop that’s contents will need moving? How much is stored in your garage?

They need all the information about both the property you are leaving and your new home to help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Remember they’re the experts and that’s what you’re employing them for.


It’s All in the Planning

Collect together any instruction leaflets, guarantees etc. for any appliances that you are leaving in your home together with useful telephone numbers, bin collection days etc. ready for the new occupier.

Collect all the keys to your home including spare sets that have been given to friends and family ready to hand to your estate agent or the new purchasers.

The old saying in the acting profession of “don’t work with children or animals” applies to moving too. Trying to move with children or any four legged family members is a definite no. Get them looked after for the day, or even overnight if at all possible.

Re-direct the post, cancel the papers, do you need to register with a new GP?


Notify People You're Moving

  • Bank
  • Building Society
  • Council (local)
  • Credit Card/Store Cards
  • DVLA
  • Employers
  • Friends and Family
  • HMRC
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pension Provider
  • Schools
  • Service Providers – Gas, Electricity, Water companies
  • TV Licensing
  • Telephone/Internet
  • Vets
  • Any subscriptions to Clubs, Societies etc


Pack with Military Precision

TOP TIP: Start early. It always takes longer than you think.

Ask your removal company for packing materials, start collecting some yourself or there are suppliers on the internet you can order from.

Remember, packing is easier when it’s other people’s possessions when they’re your own you tend to get waylaid looking at old photographs etc.

Moving house is the ideal time for a sort out. Use the phrase: “Are you useful, are you beautiful, are you of high sentimental value?” If you can’t say yes to one of the questions, and be honest, then that item should be on the way to the salesroom, EBay, the charity shop or a car boot.

Pack all non essential items first. Non seasonal clothes, high day and holiday china – anything you can live without for the time being.

Pack systematically and label the boxes you pack both on the sides and the top. Add the room of the house it is destined for. Do a separate inventory listing individual items and what box they’re in. “Assorted Kitchen Things” won’t help you locate the garlic press. You have to be clinically well organised.


  • Towels, linens, cushions can be used as padding around fragile items.
  • Wrap carefully and don’t overpack as this can lead to things getting broken.
  • Keep all bits together – e.g. screws – key for clock tape it to the item
  • Dismantle furniture – take down pictures and mirrors
  • Don’t overpack boxes or make them too heavy and pack weighty objects in small boxes.
  • Don’t forget the attic and the outside. or what needs dismantling
  • Put all hazardous materials, such as paint, bleach and aerosols, into a separate box.
  • Remember newspaper in direct contact to an item can leave print marks.
  • Pack important documents together, such as birth and marriage certificates, and keep them with you



You won’t be able to unpack everything as soon as you get there. Think of the first 24 hours and what you’ll actually need. If space allows transport them in the car, if not see they are one of the last things to go onto the removal van.

TOP TIP: Finish any laundry before you go. Don’t pack damp clothes!


First 24 Hour Suggestions

  • Bed Linen and Pillows
  • Radio
  • Kettle
  • Mugs, glasses, plates + cutlery
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits
  • A couple of tea towels
  • Washing up liquid sponge and cloth
  • Takeaway number
  • Hand towel and soap
  • Torch
  • Small Tool Kit
  • 1st Aid Kit (with pain relievers)
  • Pen and Paper
  • Cleaning stuff


Personal Items

  • Clothes
  • Pyjamas
  • Toiletries
  • Laptop
  • Mobile phone and chargers
  • Documents such as passport, marriage certificate etc.



Read the meters

TOP TIP: Let the removal firm have a floor plan of your new home. You may be able to get this from your sales’ details. This will help them put the boxes in the appropriate rooms for you.



TOP TIP: As soon as the beds are unloaded get them made up. You’ll be tired at the end of the day and hunting for bed linen is the last thing you’ll need to be doing.

Read the meters and check that the phone, security alarm, electricity, gas, central heating and water work.

Ensure all items that were included in the sale such as carpets, curtains and light fittings are there. If there is anything missing, contact your solicitor.



TOP TIP: Put the kettle on or open a bottle of wine and order a takeaway. Because you’ve earned it!


Andrew Grant are the Midland ’s leading Independent Estate Agents. We offer a bespoke personal service operating across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands.   Andrew Grant have ten regional branches in Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa, Hereford, Kidderminster, Malvern, Pershore, Redditch, Solihull, Stourbridge and our flagship head office in Worcester. Our London office is in Pall Mall . We also have specialist departments for Country Homes, City Homes,  Residential Lettings, New Homes, Auctions, Commercial, Professional Services, Fine Art and Surveys.

If you’re thinking of selling a property, have a property for sale, are looking to buy a property, or if you need to rent a property or have a property that you want letting – please get in touch with us.  We can also offer you a free valuation and survey if required.


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