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How To Prepare For Our Photographer's Visit

More and more people are searching for properties online before they even step into an estate agents office. Great photographs are essential to catch the potential buyer's eye. How can you help our photographer take the best shots?

• Remove cars off the driveway and park them away from the front of the property. If there is any likelihood of rain please do this well before so there isn’t a dry patch where the car has been.
• Remove wheelie bins, recycling boxes etc.
• Mow lawn, trim hedges, ensure any planted pots look “garden centre” fresh.
• Remove the clothes line if practical.
• Roll away the hose pipe and put away garden tools.
• Place smaller items of children’s equipment in corner where they can be omitted from shot.

• Open all window blinds/curtains.
• The house needs to look like a home so pictures, ornaments, kitchen equipment are fine but in moderation!
• Store away piles of books, papers, clothes, toys etc.
• Remove fridge magnets.
• Avoid bags/boxes on top of cupboards or wardrobes.
• Remove all toilet cleaners, bleach containers and any excess of bottles/jars from bathrooms and WCs.
• Ensure all surfaces, particularly any showers, are dry  (the camera flash will reflect off every water droplet).
• Ensure that all lights are working and any blown bulbs replaced.

TOP TIP: If you need somewhere to put things, generally the smallest bedroom (3 bedroom house or larger), utility room, cloakroom and garage will not be photographed.

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