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How to Sell Your Home


  • It has never been more important for a seller to consider how best to market their home.
  • Here are the 5 simple steps to help achieve a sale.


1.  Choose an Estate Agent

A good estate agent will:

  • Understand the local property market, have excellent knowledge of the area, have an on-street presence and subscribe to Rightmove, the property portal site.
  • Be able to provide you with good photographs/floorplans which are essential both for brochures and internet advertising.  You don’t want any photograph in your brochure that identifies a season.  No one wants to see a photograph with snow on the ground in late Spring.  A good agent will identify the best time of day, when the light is right, to take the photographs. Eye appeal is everything! 
  • Be able to advise you on the best price to market your home at.  There are 3 things people look for when buying a house: location, style and price.  You can’t do anything about the first two things but getting the price right is crucial. 
  • Be able to help if there are competing buyers on which one is the most suitable for you.  Sometimes, it is not the highest price offered that is always best for the seller but your agent will carry out checks on potential buyers to make sure they are in a position to complete.  It can take weeks to get to exchange of contracts, and your estate agent will make sure you know of any developments regarding your buyers’ circumstances.
  • Support you through what can be a stressful and emotional time.  A house, in most cases, is our biggest ever purchase and we don’t, normally, buy one that frequently.

We know from the feedback we receive just how much we have helped our vendors and how much they have valued our skills and moral support.   We get so many customers who say “we couldn’t have done it without you!”


2.  Have a For Sale Board

Never under estimate the power of a For Sale board.  We know they are an imperative item in the selling process.  They may capture the passer by who has admired your house for years; your neighbours may tell their friends who have wanted to move to the area; they indicate the property to a viewer who may be unfamiliar with the area.  Even if your property is not visible from the road it alerts the passing motorist that there is a house for sale and it may just be in that area they are wishing to buy.  Don’t go without one!  They are simple but oh so effective!


3.  Prepare Your Home - The Exterior

It goes without saying that a well presented home is preferred by most buyers.

Take a good look at the approach to your property.  How does it look from the road?  If on a street or road,  how does it look compared to the others?  Is there any maintenance that needs doing?

Windows should be clean and window frames repainted, if necessary. Peeling paint is unsightly and will devalue the house.

Don’t under estimate the lure of curb appeal.  If required make the front of your home look as attractive and well cared for as possible.  Tidy the front garden, hide the bin if you can, put a pot of flowers on your doorstep etc.  It all helps.  First impressions count!

Do the same with the rear garden.  Are there leaves to be swept up?  Do the hedges need cutting?  A garden should be treated as another room of your house.  If you don’t have one invest in an inexpensive outside table and chairs to show it is a space you can use and enjoy.


4.  Prepare Your Home - The Interior

Clutter can put off a potential buyer.  They need to imagine themselves living in the house.  So safely pack away the family photos and heirlooms and neutralise your living space.  By decluttering you not only depersonalise your home, so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there, but you make rooms look more spacious and orderly.

Clean - a dirty house can look like a house that is in a state of neglect.  Make sure it’s dusted, vacuumed, swept, polished and mopped.  Especially the kitchen and bathrooms.    If the tiling grout looks dirty scrub it with bleach or if that doesn’t work cut it out and re-silicone it.

Your home needs to smell clean!

Consider painting the popular rooms in the house, the ones that get the heaviest traffic, especially if they’re vibrant colours, that may not appeal to everyone, or need a freshen up.  Use neutral tones as these will give the illusion of the blank canvas, people need to envisage seeing themselves living in your home.

Carry out any small DIY jobs that may be required.  If a catch is coming off a door, a piece of glass is cracked etc get them attended to.  If small repairs haven’t been kept on top of a potential buyer may wonder if larger maintenance jobs have been ignored too. 


5.  Viewings

You can opt for doing the viewings yourself or you may wish your estate agent to do them for you.

Consider who will be wanting to buy your home.  Who are your target market?  You need to tailor your house to them.  If, for instance, it’s a family viewing your home talk about the local schools, or sports activities in the area.  If it’s a young professional couple point out that you could use the spare bedroom as a study. Any viewing should point out all the positive aspects of the property that may appeal to the would be purchaser.

The old adage of baking bread and brewing coffee is probably a little too obvious but we have sold two houses recently where we think the ambience created by a casserole cooking on a cold winter’s night and a log fire burning in the fire place made a difference.    

Recent research has shown that a pet can actually sell a house as it gives a psychological tweak to the brain of “home and family”.  However, it’s worth remembering that not everyone likes a dog, and even if they have one of their own they are not always a fan of other peoples.  A big no is the smell of wet dog!

If you smoke, stop smoking inside and clean all ashtrays

And whatever you do show your potential purchaser the best room last!

Andrew Grant are the Midland ’s leading Independent Estate Agents. We offer a bespoke personal service operating across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands.   Andrew Grant have ten regional branches in Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa, Hereford, Kidderminster, Malvern, Pershore, Redditch, Solihull, Stourbridge and our flagship head office in Worcester. Our London office is in Pall Mall . We also have specialist departments for Country Homes, City Homes,  Residential Lettings, New Homes, Auctions, Commercial, Professional Services, Fine Art and Surveys.

If you’re thinking of selling a property, have a property for sale, are looking to buy a property, or if you need to rent a property or have a property that you want letting - please get in touch with us.  We can also offer you a free valuation and survey if required.


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