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How to Sell Your Home

A well presented home is preferred by most buyers.

First impressions count!  Take a good look at the approach to your property. How does it look from the road?  If on a street or road, how does it look compared to the others? Ensure the front of your home look as attractive and well cared for as possible.  

Tidy both the front and rear gardens, hide the bin if possible, and add a seasonal pot of flowers on your doorstep etc.  

A garden should be treated as another room of your home. How about investing in an inexpensive outside table and chairs, if you don’t already have one, and have the appropriate place to dine alfresco? 
Inside your home clutter can put off a potential buyer but it’s important to strike a balance between putting everything away and keeping your house looking like a home. Prospective buyers need to imagine themselves living in the house.  

Clean –dust, vacuum, sweep, polish and mop.  Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.  Your home needs to both look and smell clean! 

Ask an honest friend’s opinion if your house smells nice, especially if you’re a pet owner.    Recent research has shown that a pet can actually help sell a house as it gives a psychological tweak to the brain of  “home and family”.  However, it’s worth remembering that not everyone likes a dog, and even if they have one of their own they are not always a fan of other peoples. A big no is the smell of wet dog!  

If within your budget consider painting the most used rooms in the house, especially if they’re vibrant colours that may not appeal to everyone.  Go neutral as this will give prospective buyers a blank canvas that helps them envisage your house as their home.

Carry out any small DIY jobs that may be required.  If a catch is coming off a door, a piece of glass is cracked etc get them attended to.  

Ensure that your home flows and the journey from room to room is not hindered by large pieces of furniture or overcrowded by too much furniture.  Whatever the room is make sure that the furnishings tell you that at a glance. 

Storage space can be a key selling point. If you home is light on storage think what you could do to provide additional space. 

Before a viewing ask yourself does it feel cosy and comfortable?  The smell of ground coffee and home baking may be a bit of a cliché and time prohibitive but an oven proof dish with water and a few drops of vanilla essence on a low oven is a great alternative!    



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