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Kinver’s Rock Houses

At Kinver Edge there’s miles of wildlife-rich heathland and woods to wander and the famous rock houses to explore.

Kinver is just 5 minutes’ drive away from Stourbridge. The River Stour that gave Stourbridge its name also runs alongside the village. There is an abundance of fantastic old buildings in and around the village, and Kinver Edge, three hundred acres of National Trust land within easy walking distance of the village itself.

Kinver’s famous rock houses date from 1770.  Carved out of the sandstone cliff they are fascinating for their unusual construction.  Nowadays from the exposed rock of the empty houses you are able to see straight into the richly coloured sandstone. 

At their height 11 families lived in the houses.  Each home comprised of a bedroom and a separate living area.  It is thought they originally came about as an answer to the housing shortage for employees of the Hyde Iron Works.

The last family moved out in the early 1960s and the homes began to fall into disrepair.

The National Trust bought the complex in the mid-1960s and paid £113 and 19 shillings per rock house.

One of the houses has been restored to show what life was like for residents living there in the 1930s.  It gives you the chance to soak up the atmosphere of these unusual dwellings.  Volunteers are on hand to share anecdotes of the families that lived here.

You might even spot one of the lesser horseshoe bats that now call these caves home, roosting here throughout the winter months and sometimes hanging from the Rock House ceilings.

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