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Matthew Cooke, manager at Andrew Grant Hereford, reports on a tremendous start to the year but with the ongoing shortage of housing stock prospective purchasers are still missing out and his thoughts on what could be done to get the market moving.

Matthew Cooke, manager of Andrew Grant Hereford said “Along with our other branches we have had a tremendous start to 2017 with 18 properties being sold subject to contract in February alone. This has led to many prospective buyers being disappointed.” “It won’t come as any surprise, as it’s been featured strongly in the press, that there is a nationwide shortage of housing stock and buyers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of fresh houses coming on to the market. I believe that alleviating the current housing crisis is going to take action at both ends of the property ladder, targeting first-buyers and people choosing to down-size.”

Matthew went on to say “The government have already introduced some fantastic incentives for first-time buyers, such as the Help-To-Buy scheme, however, this isn't solving the overall housing problem. In my opinion the government needs to incentivise the older property owners to downsize as this would enable people to vacate starter homes and move up the housing ladder which could get the market moving again.”If you are thinking about putting your home on the market Matthew and his team would be delighted to help you. Please either pop into Andrew Grant Hereford, telephone: 01432 367540 or email:


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