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For most home buyers finding the perfect property is the goal but what can you do to help to achieve a completed sale?

Finding the perfect property is inevitably at the forefront of a buyer’s mind, but many haven’t given a great deal of thought on how they will shape a successful offer once that happens. So how can you maximise your chances of securing that new home?

A key element is, of course, to have your finances in place – proof of your deposit funds, evidence of a decision in principle from your mortgage lender – and be ready to provide these to the vendor’s agent along with proof of your identity, now required by all agents as part of anti-money laundering legislation. A note on mortgages here – so many clients come to us having to spoken to only their own bank, and unaware that there are a wealth of deals on the market that may far outstrip what that one lender can offer. We can recommend a national broker who can scan over eighty lenders for the best current terms, free of charge (there should never be a need to pay for a broker’s services – their fee should be garnered direct from the lender).

But where to pitch on price? No-one wants to pay more than they need to for their new home – nor do you want to lose out as a result of coming in too low and perhaps losing the goodwill of a vendor or to a higher offer. Take the agent’s advice on this; they will know what flexibility there may be on price and may be able to offer guidance based on previous offers. Bear in mind that when a property is brand new to market the vendor is unlikely to immediately willing to negotiate on price. If you do decide to make a lower offer, back it up with reasons for your figure rather than appearing to make a ‘cheeky’ offer – although not ‘we’d want to make lots of changes and put in a new kitchen so we’d need to keep back some money for that’; the vendor doesn’t want to know you don’t completely love his house as it is, never mind fund your redecoration programme!

Although our client is the vendor, we are here to achieve a successful sale, and to guide both parties towards that – that’s why our staff are called ‘negotiators’! Use our expertise and get that SOLD sign in place!

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