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Most Desirable Item in a Country Home Kitchen?

Often described as “the heartbeat of a home” and owners swearing they “wouldn’t be without one” the most requested item is a cooker that was designed by a blind Swedish Nobel Prize winner in 1922.

Gustaf Dalen was blinded by an acetylene explosion in 1912 - the same year he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Forced to stay at home he became aware how little he could do to help his wife with household chores so in 1922 he designed an all in one cooker/water heater/laundry. The first solid-fuel Aga was introduced to Britain under licence from Aga in Sweden in 1929.

AGA stands for Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator, the name of a Swedish company that invented a system of safe storage for the acetylene gas used in lighthouses.

AGA cookers are popular for their large design, bright colours, and stylish look in the kitchen, but why else would you want one?

Environmentally Friendly
When buying a solid fuel, a gas, or an electric AGA cooker, you are helping the environment. For starters, almost all of an AGA cooker is recyclable. In addition, AGA Total Control and Dual Control models use about half the energy that a standard stove with the same performance needs, simply by ensuring that heating is off when you are not using it.
The average lifespan of an AGA cooker is more than 50 years! The cast iron makes it very durable even with heavy usage. Some years ago a competition by The Telegraph to see who had the oldest running AGA was awarded to a cooker that was then some 77 years old.

An AGA cooker combines everything you need into one easy-to-use appliance. You do not need electric kettles or toasters.

Delicious Cooking
An AGA’s success is its heavy iron castings, which absorb and retain heat. This means food is cooked by radiant heat as a result retains more moisture and flavour.

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