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Much Ado About Nothing?

When Stratford-upon-Avon’s ferris wheel first gained approval local people were divided on whether it was a good thing for the historic riverside town.

Construction started in March to build the Stratford Wheel.  Standing 35 metres high and with 144 seats it was set to change the skyline of the historic town.   It is the same one used in Leicester City Centre and cost £1 million. 

Initially opinions on the wheel were divided with some people saying it was a welcome change to all things Shakespeare and others saying it could make the historic town feel like Blackpool!

However, since it started turning this spring it seems people are really enjoying the experience of a ride on it and having the opportunity of a bird’s eye glimpse of the area.

The views are absolutely stunning, obviously helped if the weather is good, and you can see for miles and miles from the theatre and the centre of the town to the river across to the butterfly farm. 

It costs £5 to ride (£4 for children) and there’s plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.  It will be there all over the summer and hopefully will attract even more visitors to the town.

A welcome addition?  We’d say a resounding yes!

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