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Open Houses – A Successful Way to Sell!

Open Houses are a proven property selling process in many parts of the world and have become more popular in this country in the last few years. We know how successful they can be for the right property.

Julia Simonds, Manager of Andrew Grant, Bromsgrove advises “Open Houses are something we have been particularly successful with. Not all homes are suitable but we can advise you if we think this may be the best way to sell your property. Mid-market listings tend to be the most suitable, particularly if the property is in need of some modernising or refurbishment work. However, it may not be advisable in a small property as a crowd of viewers can make the house appear smaller.”

If your property is thought to be suitable we ensure that the Open House is well publicised in the local press and we send out email invitations to people registered on our database who are looking for this type of home. It will also be publicised on social media platforms.

Normally Open House days are hosted at weekends as this is the best time to ensure maximum turnout. The house is open for 2-3 hours and we will have several members of our staff in attendance to take names and contact numbers and be on hand to discuss the property. Sales particulars are handed out to each viewing party with details of how to offer on the home if they wish to do so. We normally ask for bids in writing, or by email, at the end of business on the following Monday. Along with offers we also ask for information about their position to purchase eg have they already sold, are they in rented accommodation etc.

We advise our Open House vendors to tell their neighbours about the event because as well as promoting it by word of mouth they need to be aware that more cars may be parked outside for a few hours.

We also advise, if the property is still lived in, what personal effects need to be stored away for safe keeping. Occasionally, homestaging may help. This is where an interior designer is employed to make sure the house is presented at its best. Lastly, we suggest that the vendor isn’t present as, in our experience, potential purchasers will be more open and honest with their questions and feedback.

Following the bids being received we will then arrange a meeting with the vendor to go through the offers received and advise accordingly.

If you are interested in an Open House viewing we can advise you on the suitability of your property.

Our next scheduled Open House is 5th September - a property with a potential building plot.

For any furher help or information please contact: Julia Simonds on  01527 549959 or email

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