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Rental Property Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to property repairs.
Whereas some tenants might inform their landlord as soon as they notice a problem others may wait until there is an emergency which can add to the repair bill or entail a costly emergency call out.
The weather can cause additional problems at this time of year.  Strong winds, downpours and frosts can cause havoc to a property.
- gutters and downpipes are free of leaves and debris
- roof for loose or missing tiles
- missing brick pointing and rendering on walls, as any gaps could allow water in and could cause more damage if it freezes
- large trees with overhanging branches, particularly if close to buildings, car parking or public roads, may need cutting back
One of the best ways to prepare is to make sure everything is well insulated. Pipes that lead outside need insulating, as do those in colder areas of the home such as lofts, basements, cellars and out buildings. 
Inside the property bleeding radiators can make them more efficient and fixing drafts around windows or doors will help.
If your property becomes empty during the winter we recommend you inspect it regularly, ensure the cold water mains are turned off or leave the heating on low.
A landlord is responsible, by law, to ensure that boilers are serviced annually.
If the property has an open fire in use the chimney will need to be swept once a year.
Make sure that you and your tenant has to hand contact details if they do encounter a problem with the property and knows the location of the stopcock in case of a leak.
It’s also worth checking the home insurance policy is up to date and reading through your tenancy agreement as some of the checks could be the tenant’s responsibility.
Andrew Grant’s Property Management team do regular inspections of our properties and report any obvious recommendations for repairs back to the landlord and our tenants are responsible to report any issues with the property as soon as they become aware of them.
If you are a Landlord and are interested in having your rental property managed by our expert team or you are considering purchasing a buy-to-let property and would like advice on our property management service please contact Katie Chesterman and her team on 0330 22 11 222 

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