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Social media is now an everyday activity in many people’s lives. But increasingly police are linking burglaries to people’s social media statuses. If you’re revealing your home is empty, by location sharing on social media, you are leaving your home vulnerable to unwanted visitors. Home insurance companies can view this as irresponsible and it could invalidate your home insurance. Check your individual policy terms to be sure.

Privacy Settings.
There are regular privacy setting updates on Facebook. While you might have your preferences set to only share your content with your friends, updates can override your chosen setting so it's worth checking regularly that you know who else is seeing your content.

Know about GPS on your device.
If you like to check in on Facebook or tag your location on Instagram, you'll already be aware of how accurately your location can be pinpointed. Even taking a picture records your location, on an iphone and you don't need to have an internet connection for this to be the case. It could cause issues if you're not at home or are abroad as you could be alerting more than just your friends to your unoccupied home

Personal Information.
Many online profiles need you to supply a lot of information to register and recover your details, if you need to. These may include email, date of birth, first pet, mother's maiden name. These security questions are also often used by banks and credit card companies. It is worthwhile to find out, when registering, how your data is held.

It's common for the terms and conditions of competitions to mention sharing your details with third parties. This can open you up to unsolicited email or phone contact from parties much wider than the host, such as phishing emails. These could cause damage to your computer or device, even using your location data services to compromise your browsing online.

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