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The heat is on!

Did you know that it’s National Boiler Switch-On Week (Oct 31st-Nov 6th)?

The recent colder weather and darker evenings mean that it’s time to get cosy! So what can you do to make sure your boiler doesn’t leave you out in the cold this year?

Have your boiler serviced annually
Ideally you should time this for the end of summer and there’ll be no nasty surprises when the cold weather arrives.

Bleed your radiators
Air can accumulate inside radiators making them less efficient – they may fail to warm up or only heat in patches. Thermostatic valves can also get stiff when unused so twiddle them around regularly.

Easy does it…
Turn up the heating one degree at a time as the chill sets in outside; you probably won’t need the full blast-furnace effect just yet! Remember that ramping the thermostat up high doesn’t heat the house faster, just to a higher temperature; it’s more economical to keep the thermostat on a ‘frost control’ or low setting so your home isn’t being heated from a cold standing start each day. A target temperature of somewhere between 18 and 21 degrees C suits most homes.

Boiler birthday?
Most boilers have a lifespan of roughly 10 years, after which their efficiency is likely to deteriorate and pricey problems can arise.

Safety first
Remember to keep boiler spaces clutter-free – free-flowing ventilation is vital for both efficiency and safety. Carbon Monoxide alarms/detectors aren’t yet compulsory in owner occupied homes, but cost as little as £13 and could potentially be a life saver when sited correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions; can you afford not to have one?

Call the experts
Your instruction manual will have troubleshooting tips for very basic start-up or programming hitches, but for leaks, pilot lights, pressure and recurrent problems you MUST call a registered gas engineer.


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