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The Nights are Drawing In

The nights are drawing in and it won’t be too long before Autumn is with us. So it’s a good time to have a look at what can be done to keep warm and save money this Winter. 

Consider changing your energy provider especially if you’ve been with them for a long period. Shop around and check out others on the market.  You could use a comparison site on the internet. 

Is your furniture positioned in front of a radiator?  If so you could be wasting heat.  Try to rearrange your furniture so as not to obstruct radiators.

Identify where draughts are coming from and seal them up.  Check by holding your hand around all doors and windows and fit additional draught stripping if required.

Suspended timber floors, even if they have underlay and carpets, are difficult to draught proof effectively.  Fitting insulation between the floor joists is a cost effective and efficient way of dealing with them. Obviously, this will involve the disruption of getting the carpet up and removing the boards unless the joists are accessible via a cellar or deep void.  But the benefits are significant.

In very cold weather it is advisable to keep your heating on at a low temperature.  This prevents condensation and the structure will maintain its insulation value.

Don’t heat rooms you’re not using!  Switch the radiator off and close the door.

Leave doors open, obviously not doors to the outside, but certain doors will actually increase the heat!  Hot kitchens, steamy shower rooms will allow heat to permeate to other rooms.

If you have an open fire or wood burner that is used in the cold weather now is the time to get your chimney swept.

If you have an open fireplace which isn’t used you are losing heat up the chimney.  You could have the chimney capped but this can be expensive.  A cheap alternative is to install a chimney balloon which can be purchased from DIY stores.

Draw your curtains! This will considerably prevent heat loss.  If you’re replacing curtains consider opting for thermal linings especially in the rooms you use the most.

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