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The Summer Market

The run up to the General Election as usual created a little bit of stagnation within the market with action on all properties slowing down. However now that a parliament has been agreed, albeit not as cleanly as initialled conceived, the Conservatives remain in power with the help from the DUP.

Post election, even though the dust is still settling, the housing market seems to have already started to transact again. Agents from London are reporting a slightly more positive outlook despite recently having had a rather dramatic fall in house prices.

Usually where London sneezes the rest of the country catches a cold, however on this occasion despite the London market falling in some areas by 10-15%, in Worcestershire we have found that prices have continued to remain firm. Now with a single parliament in control stability can resume for the next 5.

We should be wary that the clock is now ticking for the completion of article 50 and our exit from the European Union. With that in mind Worcestershire seems to be a resilient county and having had the majority of the county’s population vote to leave Europe, it has seen much stability throughout the Brexit story so far.

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