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What really goes on in Ludlow?

Ludlow is so much more than just a pretty and historic market town! There's a huge diversity of clubs, groups, societies catering for ages, abilities and interests - from learning the Argentinian tango to archery.

Scratch the surface of an estate agent and you will find someone who spends her Monday evenings learning to dance Argentinian Tango, another who has a penchant for keeping pigs as pets, yet another who, in his spare time, likes to find wild sections of rural rivers in which to take a bracing dip – at all times of the year!

In a town like Ludlow, where so many people come to live the peaceful life offered by a pretty and historic market town in one of the most delightful areas of England, you could put all the estate agents together and you could count as many interesting and possibly fascinating pursuits as you have charming property professionals. If you are a fan of that long-running radio soap, The Archers, you might be aware that there are people like Miranda Eliot, who can’t bear the idea of spending time in the country for more than is necessary to keep up appearances or check up on her husband. Miranda is the remnant of a fading species of Londoner, of a certain station in life, who scarcely believes that those of us who live in the provinces have electricity - let alone culture. How wrong she is and how narrow is that view.

Often to the amazement of those who move here to ‘settle down’, bring up a family, set up a business, or, of course, come to retire, only a little time goes by before they learn that there is a club for people who pursue archery, another for chess fiends, several choral groups, dance clubs, theatre companies doing a range of challenging work, outlets for every hobby plus any amount of health and fitness clubs. We shouldn’t forget the ramblers, the walkers, the hill runners, the part-time bakers and the growers of the largest marrows or the tallest sunflowers. You could throw a home-made sandwich on a busy day at the Buttercross and you would probably hit someone whose not so secret pastime, as a member of the local magic circle, is sawing people in half – that’s when he’s not in his man cave making decorative miniature furniture out of old spoons.

Does that smiling butcher, serving you some of the finest locally-made sausages you’ll find in all of England, really have a ferret down his trousers, or is he quietly practising a step for this evening’s dance class? The beauty is, we’ll never fully know what people get up to, even in Ludlow, because there is always so much to enjoy.     

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