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"Keewaydin" - For further information please click here.As Shakespeare wrote "What's in a name?" Well in property terms it’s important it captures the ethos of the property and that you personally like it.  If you do buy a house with what you consider to be an inappropriate name and you want to change it how do you go about it ...

Whatever your home is called it’s important you like it and you feel it reflects the property’s ethos.

In the UK The Cottage is the most popular name for a house with other common names reflecting rural themes.  Names of trees, plants, flowers, locations, historical references, animals and birds are often combined with a house type   - eg Rose Cottage.  A property can denote what a house is or what it once was – Manor Farmhouse, The Old School House, or a location Brook Cottage, High View, The Woodlands etc.   

So if you have purchased “Dunroamin” and would prefer “Oak House” how can you change it?
1.  Choose a new name. 
      ( If the house has a number you may add a name without getting permission.  Numbers of properties cannot be changed or deleted.)  
2.  If the house only goes by its name you will need to apply to your local council who will consult with Royal Mail to ensure that your choice does not conflict with any other property locally.
3.  Check with your local council what fees will apply.  
4.   Once approved you will need to inform Royal Mail, Land Registry, Electoral Registration, Council Tax and Planning Departments as well as all your own contacts including utility companies, mortgage provider, bank, building society, doctors etc.  It is also important that the emergency services are also informed. 
5.  Put out visible signs on the property so that neighbours can get used to the new name.

What’s the most unusual house name that we’re selling at the moment?  We think it belongs to this beautiful home that Country Homes are marketing.  “Keewaydin” – the name given to the north-west wind in Longfellow’s poem “Hiawatha”!


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