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What sort of Internet Access will I have?

The basic utilities we count on, water, electricity and gas – but a fourth has joined them. Broadband.

We now routinely check broadband availability and speed before we make a move to a new property. Broadband’s availability can influence our choice of new home as the ability to get online is a crucial part of our day to day living. High speed internet is no longer a luxury We no longer look to just check our emails we want to download films, music, watch television, make video calls, play games – all of which are frustrating without fast broadband.

Many people now consider decent internet connection as important as many of the more traditional house purchasing influencing factors. Research from Hyperoptic, an ultra fast broadband provider, showed that two-thirds of those questioned in a survey said that having a good broadband connection was just, or more, important than living next door to nice neighbours. Furthermore, a third of respondents said they would gladly give up an extra bedroom if it meant having a quality connection.

As working from home becomes increasingly popular to both employers and employees a good home broadband speed is essential to be able to work efficiently. 

Even when we’re booking holiday accommodation broadband is as important to most of us as a “sea view”! 

To check the broadband speed of your home or one that you are interested in purchasing please click here.

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