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Where are the Deeds to My House?

It is surprising how many people aren’t sure where the deeds to their home are.  It is essential when buying a new property that you ask your conveyancing solicitor where these important documents will end up.  Many solicitors are happy to store deeds on your behalf which is normally a cheaper option than storing them at most banks.  This bundle of documents can be expensive to replace – planning documents alone can cost over £30 each.

Land in England and Wales is either registered at the Land Registry, or it remains unregistered.

Unregistered land is evidenced by a chain of ‘conveyances’ and ‘deeds’ which traces ownership from one owner to the next.  If you own unregistered land then you will have property deeds.  Property deeds comprise of these conveyances as well as Land Change searches.  These deeds belong to you and should be kept safely.  They used to be kept by mortgage providers but from about the turn of this century most lenders stopped this practice.

If you own registered land then the property deed naming you as owner is now a simple computerised print out from the database record at the Land Registry.

However, they are now widely accepted to additionally comprise of the following documents as well :-

•Property Information Form

•Fixtures and Fittings Form

•Original Guarantees

•New build warranty – if applicable

•Planning Permissions

•Building Regulation Approval and sign-off certificates

•Any original utility installation certificates

•Any original FENSA certificates

•Any original legal indemnity insurance policy

•Any original consents under the covenants in the deeds

•Any evidence of searches

In Leasehold transactions –


•Articles of Association

•3 years of Service Charge Accounts

•Management Information and Rules

•Share Certificate

•Receipted Notice to the Landlord of Change of Ownership/Mortgage

For further information about both registered and unregistered land please click here:   

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