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Wychavon 1 of the Best Places to Live!

Wychavon was recently named as one of the best places to live in the country. It jumped 42 places from the previous year’s survey and scored highly in the personal well-being section.

WYCHAVON was recently named as one of the best places to live in the UK according to a quality of life study.

According to research from Halifax, the Worcestershire district - which is home to towns including Evesham, Pershore and Droitwich - is the third-best place to live in the UK after Winchester and the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Nearly two-thirds of the top 50 best places to live in the UK were in southern England.

A range of criteria is considered to pin point the best quality of life which included life expectancy, health, employment rates, crime, education, broadband access, population densities and the weather.

Wychavon jumped 42 places compared to last year’s survey, scoring highly in the personal well-being section, as well as having a higher male and female life expectancy rate than many other places around the country.

The survey also found the district has a large number of pubs and bars per 10,000 adults, and the third highest number of health and fitness clubs- with 3.5 per 10,000 adults.

Other figures revealed:

The highest weekly average earnings were in Kensington and Chelsea in London.

The lowest average annual rainfall, at 525mm, was in Castle Point in Essex.

The sunniest place in the UK was the Isle of Wight where residents enjoyed an average of 36.9 hours of sunshine a week, this being above the national average of 29.7 hours per week.

The biggest homes were in Uttlesford in Essex, Chiltern, South Buckinghamshire and Rutland, which all had an average of just over six habitable rooms.

The smallest homes were in the City of London, Tower Hamlets, and Westminster, which all typically had less than four habitable rooms. The average number of habitable rooms in the UK was 5.5.

Eden in Cumbria had the highest number of pubs per 10,000 adults at 28.3, followed by Derbyshire Dales at 26.7, against a national average of 10.1.

Cornwall came out on top when looking at the total number of pubs in a local authority, with around 620 to choose from.

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