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The Malverns is a collective name for Great Malvern, Malvern Link, Little Malvern, Malvern Wells, West Malvern and Barnards Green.

A spa town famous for its natural mineral water springs, you can still fill your own bottles free of charge from roadside taps.
On the May Day weekend each year the wells in the area are traditionally ‘dressed’ in thanks for the precious resource. Malvern sits in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with stunning views from the hills – local restaurants and tea shops like The Cottage In The Woods and The Kettle Sings are a big draw for their glorious outlook.

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The area has a reputation for its strong arts culture and quirky charm - it was once home to officially the smallest theatre in the world which seated an audience of 12 in a former Victorian public toilet. Another, still open, is in a converted garage.

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There's the beautiful landscape and glorious outdoor life, with an independent café and foodie culture. There's also a Waitrose!

The Three Counties Showground hosts outdoor events throughout the year including the RHS Spring and Autumn shows; as the home of composer Edward Elgar the town prides itself on a range of musical, arts and dramatic productions.

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I have worked for Andrew Grant for over ten years, I even bought my first home from them – as did my dad, back in the late 70’s – and met my partner there too! The satisfaction in being an agent is in helping people find what they need, not just through our own branch but if they’re moving out of area. I oversee Andrew Grant’s role in the Relocation Agent Network which allows us to put clients directly in touch with the best agent in any part of the country; and in November 2018 we won Best Agent in The Midlands for our relocation services.
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