A green Christmas

Thu, Dec 12, 2019

Make sure your eco-friendly intentions don’t melt away during the festive season by following some simple ideas to keep waste to a minimum.

The Global Recycling Foundation has come up with some easy ways to be a #recyclinghero

  • If you don’t want to replace Christmas cards entirely with emails and texts, try to buy those printed on eco-friendly/recycled paper AND THEN recycle them afterwards or re-purpose them as Xmas tags and decorations.
  • Choose a real Xmas tree which can be replanted once the holidays are over, or make sure it goes to a recycling scheme to be made into bark chippings.
  • Avoid plastic decorations, tinsel and glitter. Look for sustainable materials like glass, metal or paper decorations instead. Use natural foliage and shrubbery to decorate the house
  • Ditch the Christmas crackers - or make your own and pop in a chocolate or lottery ticket instead of the useless plastic toy!
  • Re-think your gifts – instead of buying throwaway items that often end up unwanted, put some thought into ‘experience’ gifts such as spa days, meals out or adventures. For the more personal touch why not make/bake edible goodies or make charitable donations on the recipient’s behalf.
  • Find re-usable alternatives to wrapping paper, tons of which gets thrown away every year – what about fabric, brown paper or tissue paper, which are fully recyclable?


Finally, we'd like to remind you to rein in that Christmas food shopping. Did you know around 74 million mince pies are binned each festive period (it’s a crime, we know!) and the few days of overindulgence are big contributors to the 270,000 tons of waste food the UK produces each year.

Less is more, not just for your waistline but for your purse, and the planet!