Andrew Grant helps to raise over £200,000

Sat, Dec 01, 2018

This Summer we were proud to be a sponsor of Worcester Stands Tall. Our giraffe, adorned in artwork by local artist Ian Gibson proudly took place in Friar Street, Worcester.


Along with 29 other large giraffes ours was part of the city’s first ever large scale art installation - great for both the community and tourism.

For 10 weeks this summer, Worcester’s streets, parks and open spaces were brought to life by giant giraffes and giraffe calves. Individually designed, beautifully created, majestic giraffes as you’ve never seen them before!

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth and the collective noun for a group of giraffes is a tower!
Worcester Stands Tall inspired creativity and generated plenty of fun for all who followed the giant giraffes on their journey around the city.

The giraffes were auctioned on 11th October to raise valuable funds for the St Richard’s Hospice Build 2020 Appeal.

MEL Research, who are working with the hospice to better measure the full impact and success of the campaign told us that we were in the top 5 of most engaged sponsors based on our coverage and social media presence.

It was a fantastic thing to be a part of – and more importantly we were able to help St Richard’s Hospice raise a profit of £233,074 for the hospice Build 2020 Appeal.