Andrew Grant Property Management

Fri, Feb 21, 2020

A day in the life - Beth Miller, Andrew Grant Property Manager

“I’ve been with the Andrew Grant Property Management and Lettings team for almost four months now as a Property Manager and every day we hit the ground running. It is certainly a demanding job but in the best of ways.

"My day starts at 6.30am to be ready to leave home by 7.20am. Worcester traffic can be a nightmare if you don’t get the timing right to be in the office by 8.20am most mornings. I’m thinking about work even during my commute as I am seeing Andrew Grant For Sale and To Let boards - currently at 9 on my journey at the moment! I like that, even living outside of Worcester, I see the reach of Andrew Grant well into the Shropshire area where I live.

"By 8.30am I’m at my desk working and don’t stop until 5.45pm most evenings. Client communications make up a large part of my day, responding to landlords and tenants with regard to maintenance, concerns, rent, legislation, legal matters and sometimes just for a catch up. I also take the time to read through recent property inspections and act on any issues that may have been identified.


"We have to dedicate time to catch up as a team as my portfolio of approximately 300 properties requires careful planning of my time and showing equal consideration for all of my clients. Looking after landlords and tenants is our priority, and building those relationships daily is what makes the work rewarding.

"Negotiation and problem solving are big parts of my role too. We review our properties constantly and may feel that a property has a higher rental value than is currently being achieved so I’d then open a discussion with the landlord and tenants. Deposit returns and disputes are also our responsibility and the time taken to collate the evidence for a case can be considerable.

"Andrew Grant is ARLA registered, and the team and I must ensure we are up to date with new legislations and take appropriate steps to protect our landlords, properties and tenants. On a daily basis, we’re checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, legionnaire’s risk, electrical issues, EPC ratings and a long list of compliance obligations. An attention to detail is really important in this job.

"I’d say key roles of a Property Manager are to find solutions, to pre-empt problems, and to be responsive and efficient. Understandably we sometimes get emergency maintenance issues, and we have to act quickly and calmly, which keeps each day running at full speed. I maintain good working relationships with our trusted contractors – I need to know I can rely on them to get a problem resolved quickly and at a fair price.

"Getting home after the day is sometimes odd. It can be hard to separate yourself from work, as responsibility and a desire to support clients are hard to switch off. I’ll often still be thinking about how to best deal with a certain issue long after my working day has ended, but fortunately we have a 24-hour support for tenants so I know any urgent problems are being dealt with, even overnight. Still, I never know what I’ll might arrive at work to find the next day!”