Christmas is the most Blunder-full time of the year!

Wed, Dec 12, 2018

Make sure your only surprise visitor this Christmas is Santa, not the emergency plumber or the paramedics!


Deaths in house fires increase by 50% over the festive season thanks in part to sockets overloaded with fairylights and lack of care with candles – make sure all are put off or out before you leave the house or go to bed. If you have an open fire make sure the chimney is clean and swept in advance.

If Christmas coincides with a cold snap (snow! If only!) keep central heating on low overnight to reduce the risk of frozen pipes (which of course you’ve ensured are well-lagged and you know exactly where to find the stopcock – don’t you?!)

Don’t take risks on ladders while putting up outdoor lights and decorations. Winking icicles hanging from the fascia boards might wow the neighbours but aren’t worth a trip to A&E; Christmas trees and fairy lights account for around 1,350 injuries each holiday season.

You probably don’t want to think about how much those mountains of presents under the tree have cost but they’ll certainly increase the value of your house contents. Some policies allow an additional 10% of cover over Christmas – check if yours does, in case the worst happens.

Please take note of our advice - we don't want to sound like The Grinch, we just want you to stay safe and enjoy your Christmas.

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