Clients embracing video valuations

Tue, Mar 31, 2020

Many of our clients and contacts have told us that even though they’re working from home they’re determined to keep ‘business as usual’ as much as they can, and we’re committed to doing the same while keeping everyone safe. As far as we’re concerned, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

We’ve introduced video valuations for those considering selling, and providing support to our clients who are on the market in doing ‘video viewings’. We’ve been creating personally guided videos on many of our properties with great success for some time now (see them here) and we know how popular they are with buyers who love to sit back and relax while being ‘walked’ through a potential new home. We’re just bringing the future forward a little faster by getting our clients get involved too!

One of our vendors already using our technology has told us:

“​Given these uncertain times it proves that life/business can still continue and progress. This is a great service that will hopefully be a great asset to the business.”

"They are very straight forward and easy - as simple as Facetiming, enabling you to have a virtual meeting to discuss your property and the local market."

So while the kids are logged into ‘Houseparty’ why don’t you enjoy one of your own, with us? Call 0330 024 3000 or chat to us via Whatsapp to find out more.