Could creating the perfect home cost less than you think?

Fri, Oct 04, 2019

While we’re happy to push our budget to the maximum to get our dream home, how many of us then consider hiring a designer to make the interior picture perfect too?

According to Houzz, the home design website, only around 7% of us consider employing a home stylist or interior designer. The rest might be confident in their own taste or simply think that hiring one would be too expensive or try to impose something we don’t feel comfortable with. But could they even save you money in the end?

With so much design choice and millions of images on Pinterest, Instagram and design sites to scroll through, trying to pull together a ‘look’ can be daunting – and mistakes expensive. When your own time is valuable, you could also be wasting days of it sourcing styles and materials that a designer could pinpoint far faster and buy at trade prices.

An interior designer’s time might be less costly than you think. Prices vary around the country; some will charge per project, others by the day or hour. They can simply spend a morning helping you sift through your ideas to focus on an overall design style, or they can take over the entire design project for you – it’s up to you (and your budget). A designer can advise you how to maximise space and light in a room, suggest structural changes, even help find a compromise for conflicting tastes between you and your partner. And that’s got to be cheaper than a divorce!

Don’t forget too that many major home retailers like John Lewis,, Neptune and Next (to name only a few) offer their own design service and often the fee charged will be refundable against purchases.

So if you’re sinking under a pile of fabric swatches and have enough paint pot samples to decorate a patchwork barn, maybe an interior designer could be your next great investment in your home…

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