Fire Door Safety Week

Thu, Sep 26, 2019

It's Fire Door Safety week - an awareness campaign that could literally save lives

A correctly fitted and maintained FD30 fire door which conforms to current legal standards should hold back a fire for up to 30 minutes (some for up to 60), buying valuable time for occupants to escape. Would you know if your property needed a fire door, or if one fitted at your property conformed to standards?

Fire doors are thicker and heavier than normal doors and must be fitted by an experienced joiner, with appropriately certified fire-safe fittings.

If you’re the landlord of a property it’s your legal responsibility to see that doors conform to fire door regulations and that these doors are correctly maintained and fully accessible with no obstructions. For detailed information visit

n a domestic property you’ll normally have one if your garage has a door directly into the house. If your home is three storeys or over, or you have a loft conversion, you’ll usually also need fire doors on any room leading off the upper hallway (if you’re installing a loft extension your builder or architect should advise you on this).

In your place of work are fire doors in good order and kept closed, with nothing in front of them that could delay your exit? (fire doors should never be propped open) Remember that in a fire your visibility might be reduced by smoke or electricity failure, and that valuable seconds could be wasted moving aside even light items.

At night, or when leaving the house, close ALL internal doors (fire doors or otherwise) as a barrier against fire and smoke. Make sure a smoke alarm is installed (and in working order) on every floor, and have an escape plan in place for a quick exit.

Click here for more information about Fire Door Safety Week and to access the free resources available.