Food for thought

Fri, Jun 21, 2019

We’re always incredibly proud to be part of Relocation Agent Network (RAN) – an organisation that handpicks the ultimate go-to estate agent in each area across the UK. But we’ve probably never been more delighted to be part of that network than we were on Friday 20th June.

Pictured: RAN Managing Director Richard Tucker, Simon Bradbury of Thomas Morris and Stuart Bass, Branch Manager of Andrew Grant Malvern

Andrew Grant joined other RAN members in the #RANFoodbank10k initiative - to collect a target of 10,000 grocery items over a week, to donate to local foodbanks around the country. The event culminated in a visit from RAN’s Managing Director Richard Tucker to the Andrew Grant Worcester office to see what colleagues and clients had collected – a staggering 267 items!

Also visiting the branch was Simon Bradbury, Managing Director of Thomas Morris Estate Agent in Cambridgeshire and representative of the charity Agents Giving – which supports fundraising in the property industry - and brother, TV personality Jason Bradbury, who were touring the country to visit foodbanks and learn how offices like ours were helping them.

Pictured: Jason Bradbury, Richard Tucker and Stuart Bass

The target of 10,000 items was smashed on the day – with the final figure announced at 10,300, but our local foodbanks need constant support so let’s keep on giving!

Commenting on the initiative was Andrew Grant’s Managing Partner, Kristian Stott:

“It seems unthinkable that in a first world country hard-working families should have to rely on food banks to support themselves. However this is the reality of our world and I am very grateful to all of you who contributed to the food bank initiative which I think has been a huge success.

"In doing this it has sent a very clear message that it is important that those who can help should help. This really is a great initiative and one where for really very little effort we can make a direct and important contribution to those less fortunate than ourselves.

“Well done to everyone, it’s really very humbling to see the contributions people have made.”

Click here to watch Jason Bradbury talking about the importance of the food collections and how you can get involved.