Keeping your home safe

Fri, Oct 19, 2018

With the half term and Christmas holidays fast approaching take a look at our top tips for keeping your home safe if you are going away

  • Check your home insurance and make sure it remains valid - and that there are no exclusions in the policy’s small print. Some insurance companies limit the number of days your property may be left empty. It's also worth checking with your provider if the insurance is still valid if you leave a house sitter looking after your home!
  • Mow the lawn – an untidy lawn can indicate the property is empty
  • Close and bolt gates to prevent access
  • Cancel milk or other regular deliveries
  • Leave a key with a neighbour and ask them to pop in to pick up post and water the plants
  • Install some timer switches on lamps that will come on in the evening
  • Where possible don’t leave anything valuable and irreplaceable, especially small items, in your house
  • Don’t broadcast, other than to friends and family, that you are going away
  • Don’t post holiday photographs on social media while you’re away - you can’t be sure who’ll read them and this can affect your home insurance
  • Unplug all appliances to protect them from power surges and save energy from standby functions
  • Keep tools under lock and key so they can’t be used to break into your house
  • Lock your garage and shed
  • If you have to leave a ladder outside make sure it's shackled to a permanent fixture with a heavy-duty chain and padlock
  • If you’re leaving vehicles at home make sure the keys are hidden.

Ultimatey though we hope you have a great time! If you would like to discuss your home insurance requirements with our team we offer a bespoke service and will be happy to help, call 0330 024 300 or email