Outlook for landlords is positive

Fri, Jun 28, 2019

...and reflects what we are seeing in-branch

Separating the truth from the hype in all areas of life can be a challenge these days, we know that to be particularly true in the Lettings market, where we regularly see often conflicting reports about rental markets and the future for landlords. Are rents up or down? Are landlords in a strong position or selling their buy-to-let properties in droves?

According to a source we trust – our professional body ARLA Propertymark – the outlook for landlords is a positive one, and reflects what we’re seeing in-branch.

  • Rental prices rose in anticipation of the Tenant Fees Act and seem likely to continue to do so
  • Competition for rental properties is increasing as stock availability has fallen, with demand pushing up rents still further. ARLA reports a 15% rise in demand year-on-year
  • The demographic of renters is evolving, with families and the over-50’s now making up a significant proportion of the market. These tenants are seeking comfortable, well-maintained properties to settle into as ‘home’ and represent a real opportunity for landlords
  • In a competitive market well-managed and professionally marketed properties will achieve the best prices and tenants
  • The number of landlords opting to sell their properties has slowed, suggesting a renewal of confidence, both in the market and as familiarity with legislative changes grows.

We anticipated and adapted to the changes required by the Tenant Fees Act to protect both our landlords and tenants, bringing in options such as the Zero Deposit Guarantee. Daily evidence demonstrate that both tenants and landlords want simplicity, clarity, and security.

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