Outstanding house prices

Thu, Sep 06, 2018

The new school year is underway for almost 10million children across England and Wales - school catchments play a massive factor for a lot of people when chosing a new home.

Read on to find out how much more are home buyers prepared to pay to live close to an Ofsted rated outstanding school.


An analysis of property sales across England and Wales (excluding London) over the last year reveals a 10% premium associated to homes situated close to an Ofsted rated "outstanding" primary school and 17% to an "outstanding" secondary school!

Properties located within one mile of an outstanding primary school sold for, on average, £22,686 more than properties within one mile of other schools, the price premium for secondary schools was £37,558.

Detached houses attract the largest price premium, with buyers here having to find an extra £90,000+ to live within one mile of an outstanding school.

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