Selling your home – what NOT to do!

Mon, Sep 02, 2019

One of the first questions clients ask us when they’re about to put their home on the market is what might need to be done before viewings begin

Our advice? Don’t spend money updating kitchens or redecorating that would be better spent on your next property – but do pay attention to the detail. A survey of over 1,200 homesearchers actively viewing property over the past year reveals exactly what turns off buyers. The results aren’t bank-breakers – but they might well be deal-breakers...

  • 76% said extensive cracks, marks and stains on walls, ceilings and floors made a bad impression, with nearly as many mentioning dodgy fixtures such as non-functioning taps and toilets
  • 66% said exposed wiring sparked concern
  • 63% said damaged flooring was a deterrent, with stained carpets a turn-off too
  • 49% said mould certainly didn’t help a property grow on them.

Many of the viewers said tired and damaged kitchen cabinets and things like broken handles scored hefty minus points too.

If you think you might have become immune to your own home’s maintenance list, try ‘showing round’ a friend for their feedback before you open your house for viewings. It costs nothing to make your property spotlessly clean and clutter-free, and only a few pounds to smarten up grubby grout, mouldy silicon seals, fill cracks and paint over stained areas – but it could earn you a speedier sale or even a higher price!

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