Tempted to use an online agent?

Fri, Dec 07, 2018

Well, of course we are going to advise you not to!

We’re going to tell you about our years of experience and extensive local knowledge that an online only agent just doesn’t have - which also means that we can value more accurately; saving wasted, precious weeks of selling time. 

We’re going to point out that our in-house sales progression service ensures your property is more likely (up to four times more likely, it’s been suggested) to reach completion than those sold by online only agents. Because selling a property is one thing but negotiating it through weeks of chains and surveys and mortgage offers is quite another.

And that’s before we mention our extensive database of motivated buyers, and the fact that we’ll conduct viewings and give professional feedback.

We’re not going to attack online agents. Why would we, we’re one ourselves! When you sell with us you can track your property’s performance online, download reports, view feedback, and contact us at any time. But we’re an online agent who also has fourteen local offices each with a team dedicated to you; a team you can visit, and build a working relationship with. To us you aren’t just a case number at the end of a phone.

And you might sigh and agree but in your heart, you’re still thinking…. “Oh, but they’re SO CHEAP!”

We understand the attraction of feeling that you’re seeing exactly what you’re going to pay (that’s why we make our contracts crystal clear). What our contracts perhaps should shout about is all the things you won’t  be paying for - like professional, high quality photography and property brochures, accompanied viewings, follow ups right through to exchange – which we feel should be standard, not extra. And like the plumber who comes to fix a leak, you don’t pay us until the job is completed. Not before we’ve even opened the toolbox. That means the motivation to do quality work, no matter how long it takes, regardless of how tricky, stays with us.

If we’re starting to sound like bossy parents, let’s just leave the last word to an independent study that backs up our firm conviction that an online only agent not only ISN’T a cheaper option, but could mean you achieve a lower price for your property.


Research carried out by The Advisory (an independent consumer advice group for house sellers) found that:

  • High Street agents got more viewings (48%), more offers (64%), and – in nearly three quarters of cases – 5% more money for their clients’ properties than online agents. On a £300,000 property that could mean losing around £15,000, if not more.
  • Just being on Rightmove won’t necessarily bring in the best buyers – only 36% of offers are generated from the platform and 27% of ‘best buyers’.
  • Interestingly, ‘professional sellers’ like builders offering part exchange, developers and banks selling repossessed properties still almost exclusively use traditional high street agents. One very important factor for them is that they look at the ‘walkaway figure’. That means that the fee charged may not be the cheapest on offer, but if the expertise it buys secures a higher selling price then the ‘balance’ at the end is higher.

How much could working with an online only agent really cost you?

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