Ten things you need to know about EPCs

Wed, Jun 26, 2019

According to a recent news report the 20 millionth EPC (Energy Peformance Certificate) will be issued sometime this summer. If you’re selling a house you’ll need to have one, and if you’re buying or renting you’ll expect to be given one for your new property – but what are they actually for?


EPCs first appeared as part of Home Information Packs in 2007 – those were quickly scrapped in 2010 but EPCs remained, as a way of assessing a property’s energy efficiency:
  1. Certificates last for ten years; check if your home has one www.epcregister.com. You can also view EPCs for neighbouring properties to see how yours compares
  2. If you extend or convert your property you’ll usually need a new EPC when you come to sell
  3. It’s illegal to create a new lease for a rental property without providing a valid EPC, which must show an energy efficiency rating of no lower than grade E. From April 2020 this will also apply to leases already in place
  4. A few properties are exempt from EPC rules, including some listed properties, some commercial buildings, and single-room lettings
  5. The main A-G grading shows the property’s overall standard of energy efficiency, with A representing a high standard and G a home which is likely to be a draughty fuel-guzzler
  6. The certificate also summarises the property’s likely energy costs, and where making improvements to the home could potentially reduce these
  7. If you don’t have an EPC already your agent must show that one has been ordered before putting your house on the market
  8. There isn’t a standard charge for the certificate – it will vary according to location and the size and type of the property. Your agent will probably offer to arrange one for you, but you’re free to order your own
  9. Only an accredited assessor can issue an EPC. If you disagree with their findings you can dispute this directly with the assessor, or further, with their accreditation scheme
  10. Last year the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy held a consultation about the effectiveness of EPCs with their findings due to be released soon, so it’s possible changes will be made.

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