The Big Worcester Sleepout 2020

Tue, Jan 21, 2020

The Big Worcester Sleepout 2020 has launched and we’re shaking out our sleeping bags ready for another night under the stars!

Last year’s event raised a staggering £36,000 for local charities supporting the homeless. This year the event returns with a bold target of £45,000 to raise awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness.

Jonathan Sutton, CEO of St,Paul’s Hostel aims to put the “person at the centre” and better recognise the reasons why people end up on the street.

 “Homelessness is more than just a housing issue, yet the response seems to treat just the housing problem and other silos try to treat other symptoms. The causation of homelessness is often trauma, from early life or childhood adversity.

Kristian Stott, Andrew Grant CEO and chief thermals-wearer on the night, says

“We want to raise awareness of this desperate and saddening issue in our city and around the United Kingdom. Removing the stigma and misconception of one of society’s great challenges, which in today’s modern world seems so unnecessary and yet so hard to solve.

“People can become homeless through no fault of their own; older teens wishing to escape ongoing family problems, those with disabilities and health conditions, victims of domestic abuse, refugees and asylum seekers, ex-prisoners and veterans.

“Andrew Grant is privileged to sell some of the UK’s most beautiful homes, but we are always aware that there are many people who, for all sorts of reasons, aren’t lucky enough to have a roof over their head.”


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If you’d like to join in, the event takes place at Worcester Six Ways Stadium on Thursday 23rd April. To find out more, sign up or donate, go to