The Final Countdown

Mon, Jun 24, 2019

It’s nearly here – moving day is so close you can almost feel the keys in your hand!

But to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, the secret is in the planning. We’ve compiled a timeline to help you literally tick off the boxes to a seamless move – and you’re off!

Four weeks ahead…

  • Start clearing out the clutter. Moving house is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start – why move things you no longer need?
  • Check contracts for your internet and TV providers – some may require 30 days’ notice
  • Get quotes from removal firms or for self drive hire and check availability. However, it’s advisable not to make a confirmed booking until you’ve exchanged contracts and have an agreed moving date (bear in mind Friday is the most popular day so a midweek completion will give you more options)
  • If renting, you’ll normally need to give one full calendar month’ notice (or until your tenancy agreement is due to reach its full term)
  • Obviously you'll have planned new carpets, curtains etc but ideally don’t pay for orders until contracts have exchanged
  • Check if the removal firm you plan to use supplies packing materials, or source your own, and start packing up little-used items like books and anything in the loft and garage
  • Consider booking time off work, even around a weekend move.

Two to three weeks ahead…

  • Arrange for mail to be redirected
  • Inform utility providers, TV license, council tax etc
  • Start to run down the contents of the freezer
  • Arrange for the redirection of your landline (if you have one!)
  • Send out change of address cards or emails to friends and family
  • Compile a list of all your household contacts, from insurers to the DVLA, bank to credit card companies, schools to GPs, and inform of your change of address (remember your new property will need to be insured from the day of exchange). Cancel services such as window-cleaning, gardeners, newspapers.

 One week to go…

  • Plan childcare and/or petcare for moving day
  • If you take medication make sure you have enough to last over the moving period and beyond, especially if you’ll be changing GPs
  • Put aside instruction manuals for anything being left behind
  • Start packing up as much as possible, making sure boxes are clearly labelled with contents and destination rooms
  • Put important documents and valuables like passports, jewellery, deeds, wills etc in a secure box and ensure you know where it is at all times (if keeping at a friend’s home, will it be insured?)
  • Remove and pot any agreed planting

One or two days before..

  • Dismantle flat-pack furniture and as many beds as possible
  • Defrost the freezer and disconnect dishwasher, washing machine etc.
  • Make up a box of moving day essentials – kettle and snacks, soap and towels, toolkit, overnight essentials, phone charger, champagne to toast the move!
  • Collect together all house keys and label up. Make arrangements with your agent how keys will be handed over – if your agent held keys for viewings these are normally handed to the buyer once your solicitor has notified them of completion, leaving you free to leave the others behind in the property as you depart
  • Keep aside very fragile or sentimental items to transport yourself in the car, if you prefer (but check there’ll be room!)
  • Consider booking a locksmith to change the locks on your new property immediately after move-in for complete peace of mind.

Moving day…

  • Leave out the vacuum cleaner and some cleaning materials for a last minute tidy up
  • Check every single room, including the shed, loft, garage and outbuildings -  twice!
  • Take meter readings as you leave (photograph them with your phone for ease)
  • Make sure windows are locked, boiler off and all secure
  • Inspect the new property on arrival for any items left behind/taken away which hadn’t been agreed
  • Unpack, relax, breathe, order a takeaway, pop a cork  - enjoy!

If you'd like help moving home, office or looking for a storage facility, we work with a specialist partner to provide you with only the best removal services. Call 0330 024 3000 for more information.