Time for the Autumn edit

Tue, Sep 10, 2019

This time of year feels more like a fresh start than New Year...the children are back at school, holidays over, summer evenings darkening with a hint of an autumnal chill, no need yet to panic about Christmas – this is a great time to relax and enjoy life, and your home.

You’re probably more in the mood to dig out the slow cooker than do a full-on Spring clean, but with a bit of pre-organisation you can get your home into great shape and feeling safe and snug! Here are our top tips for your Autumn edit:

Sweep the garden of summer remnants
Put away any garden toys and patio furniture not designed to weather the Winter (clean it first to save a job next year). If you have patio planters, discard dead annuals and put perennials (plants which will come back next year) under cover away from frosts. It’s a good time to prune many shrubs (check for guidance on individual varieties)

Clear your wardrobe
If you have loft or under-bed storage space, clear your wardrobe of summer clothes and shoes to make more space for bulkier winter wear. Store in clean plastic or cotton bags (Lakeland and Ikea have great clothes storage solutions)

Get snuggly
Root out the winter-weight duvet and have the summer bedding cleaned before storing. Make beds and sofas snuggle-ready with throws and cosy cushions for that ‘hygge’ feeling.

The dreaded C words!
Check your central heating settings - do you need to amend your timers. Fresh flowers don’t thrive once the central heating’s on so replace vases with candles and photos. Do as thorough a clean as you can bear (or treat yourself to a professional). Open windows and doors over summer bring in dust and debris, so a 'move-the-furniture' clean is called for. Late summer is prime spider season too so check for cobwebs in corners.

Open fires and ventilation
If you have an open fire, get the chimney swept before first lighting it. It’s a good time to have your boiler and central heating serviced, if you haven’t already, and bleed the radiators (see how-to guides on Youtube if unsure how). If ventilation is a problem in your home – or you just argue over whether winter windows should be open or shut! – invest in a dehumidifier to combat mildew and mould, especially if you dry clothes indoors.