Top ten tips to consider when viewing a property

Fri, Oct 26, 2018

Before booking a house viewing, work out exactly what you want from your new home.

By setting your criteria; what you can and can't live without and what you are prepared to compromise on, you will have a clearer understanding of how this new home will best suit your needs, or what you may need to consider adapting.

So, you've arranged a viewing on your dream home, well you may have arranged a few, read our top tips to ensure you get the best out of the time and the viewing agent.

  1. We appreciate your busy lifestyle, but recommend to not book too many viewings on one day - by the end of they day they may all start blurring into one and you may forget to ask crucial questions
  2. If possibe, view in the daytime. This allows you to view the exterior of the property fully and to see the garden
  3. Familiarise yourself with the property brochure, study the floorplan and photographs - can ithe property accomodate your furniture (and family!)
  4. Make notes and with the permission of the vendor, take photographs. It can always be helpful to have these to refer back to whenever you need
  5. Not familiar with the area? Take some extra time to have a walk or drive around. If you’re short of time take a look at our useful area guides
  6. If you plan to live alone take along a friend who can give you their unbiased opinion. If this is a joint purchase you could take along a friend or relative to a second viewing as any emotionally detached thoughts and ideas can be invaluable
  7. Walk around the exterior of the property, take a good look at the walls and roof. If you spot anything, simply ask - do not let it put you off as a property survey will answer whether it is cause for concern
  8. If you have any questions, ask your agent! A good estate agent will know the area and will be able to answer most of your questions. If it's a specific property related question they can speak to the vendor and answer any specific questions relating to the property 
  9. If the vendor is doing the viewing feel free to ask them any questions as they are going to know more about the property than anyone else! How old is the boiler? When was it last serviced? What are the running costs? Should you progress to buying your conveyancing solicitor will ask extensive questions like this, but prior knowledge could influence whether you choose to offer and at what level
  10. Don’t let your heart rule your head! We know it can be hard not to get too attached too early!

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