What3words – addressing the world

Mon, Nov 18, 2019

Even if you hadn’t already heard of the What3Words it’s likely that you’ll soon be using it as the world catches on to an ingeniously simple way of pinpointing precise locations anywhere across the globe.


Masterminded by musician Chris Sheldrick as a result of his frustration of equipment and band members frequently being misdirected due to lack of precise instructions, especially in large venues with one postcode but several access points. Geo-coordinates can help, but at 16-digits, aren’t easy to remember, and sat-navs can be notoriously ambiguous.

What3Words works by dividing the world into 3x3m squares – 57 trillion of them – with every one assigned a unique 3-word tag. That means even your house and garden are likely to cover several ‘squares’ allowing you to home in on your exact location at any time. Outside the home it can be used to summon help quickly if you’re lost or injured, identify ‘trouble spots’ like forest fires etc.

Emergency services have already used the simple system to save lives; police forces across the UK credit it with having pinpointed a victim in a hostage situation, identified the location of lost hillside walkers, saved the victim of a car crash and helped find a group of foreign nationals trapped in a single shipping container in a sea of 20,000 on a portside. Emergency crews are able to text a link to the app if those needing help don’t already have it.

In use in 35 languages, uptake is quickly gathering momentum. It’s already been adopted into one country’s postcode service; Mercedes Benz is using it in their car navigational systems and Lonely Planet is using it in their guides to map sightseeing points.

We’re so impressed with the idea that we are introducing it in to our property brochures and including it in our property details too, to help you find your way to viewings or simply identify the property exactly on a map. Find our Worcester head office ///eating.admits.galaxy

Learn more and download the app? It’ll certainly be a time-saver – and it could even be a life saver…