Your Winter maintenance checklist

Mon, Nov 25, 2019

The temperature’s dropping, the dark nights are here, and all we can think about each day is getting back to our cosy homes and snuggling down. Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, make sure your property is warm, safe and prepared for winter – and you could avoid some nasty big bills later on.

  • Make sure your boiler has been serviced and the vent is clear of obstructions. Check there is a carbon monoxide alarm in place (there should be one in range of every gas or solid fuel appliance) and in working order. If you have gas fires or burners in any room there should be an appropriate vent or airway which is kept clear and uncovered.
  • See that your chimneys and flues are swept.
  • Look out for loose tiles, blocked gutters or loose pipes which could cause water leaks or overflow.
  • Check that any pipes and tanks in the loft, and external pipes (such as gas pipes) are properly insulated.
  • Bleed central heating radiators to maximise their heat output and remove noisy airblocks (it’s a simple process – if you can’t find the key they’re usually a standard size, available in DIY stores)
  • Clear fallen leaves on drives and paths – when wet they’re a slip hazard.
  • Make sure you know where to find the stopcock, just in case of burst pipes.
  • Check outdoor security lights are working (if you don’t have them, consider installing some). A well lit front door will save you fumbling for keys and help you identify callers.
  • Have salt, grit and a snow shovel at the ready in case of snowfall.
  • Keep windows clean so the natural light can flood in – winter days are grim enough without a dingy outlook!

Stay cosy!