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Make Blue Monday MAGIC MONDAY!

January 21st; make Blue Monday in to MAGIC MONDAY!

Did you know that holiday company employee, Cliff Arnall invented the phrase back in 2005 in a press release to describe the third Monday in January.

It’s based around the idea that this day; post-Christmas, pre-payday, cold weather and summer just a speck on a very distant horizon (and there’s probably nothing very good on telly either), IS THE MOST miserable of the year!

In fairness, Mr Arnall has since apologised for inadvertently creating a misery-fest around the day and claims his intention was to highlight it as a chance to take a positive outlook on the rest of the year and make bold life decisions.

So bring on those life-affirming choices and seize the day with a determination to make today Magic Monday instead!

Indulge in a little bit of kindness…smile, do a good deed, donate to a charity, support a friend, give a hug, pay a compliment. 

Face up to your finances and make sure your money’s working hard for you this year. Could you save by switching your mortgage? Find out, use our mortgage calculator we can help find the best possible deal for you – with no broker fees.

Accomplish one thing that brings pleasure and satisfaction to your day – cook a meal from scratch, declutter a room (we’re fans of Marie Kondo, see her on Instagram and Netflix), do a workout, take a walk, book a weekend away, listen to a great podcast.

Or could now be the ideal time to move on and create your own best possible life? Find out what your home could be worth with our instant online valuation tool - or call 0330 024 3000 to book your free on-site appraisal with one of our friendly experts. This really is Magic Monday!


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