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Every year we hear the claims of another cold Winter, so we want you to encourage you to think about protecting your property and be prepared. 

With the first flurry of snow hitting the region yesterday we are certain many will be bulk buying mik and bread preparing for Winter! Take a look at our top tips on the only real preparation you should be considering.

Burst pipes can cause significant damage to property, according to research by Direct Line around 7million of us do not know where our stopcock is located, rendering us powerless to do anything in the event of a leak.

A significant proportion of property damage reported to the insurer is due to pipes bursting during freezing temperatures, but much of this can be prevented by taking a few easy preventative measures.

Read our top tips to help you and your property stay safe during cold weather:

  • Check your central heating and ensure the thermostat is working. Consider annual servicing by a registered Gas Safe engineer
  • Some new central heating systems are fitted with an anti-frost device. If your boiler is a few years old think about fitting frost thermostats to your heating system
  • Keep the heating on during freezing temperatures, even at night
  • Any exposed pipes should be lagged or suitably protected
  • Make sure you know how and where to turn off the main water supply to the property
  • Replace washers on dripping taps.

If your property will be unoccupied for a period of time:

  • Drain the central heating system and turn off your water supply or ideally leave the central heating on low
  • Where possible get a neighbour, friend or family member to regularly check the property
  • Leave the loft access open to circulate air.

We understand it’s not always possible to prevent your pipes from freezing, or bursting, but you can help to minimise the damage:

  • Turn off your main water supply
  • If you notice a leak call a plumber immediately
  • Check for any damage to your electricity supply, if you suspect any damage have it checked by an electrician
  • Keep a list of useful emergency numbers to hand
  • If you notice a frozen pipe slowly thaw the affected area with a gentle heat, such as a hairdryer. Never use a blow torch or open flame.

By following the above steps you can help prevent damage to your property, and avoid any personal upheaval, and in the longer term, save money on your insurance premiums. If you would like to talk to our team about protecting your property please get in touch.

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